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Spiritual Hustler Podcast

Mar 15, 2021

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0:31 3 Ways to discover your life purpose?


3:44 Do we follow the rules of Vipassana while meditating during day-to-day activities?


5:17 I can not meditate for longer than 20 minutes, please help.



The purpose of life... with a meditation practice.⁠

As well as, the difference between Dharma and Karma.⁠

Great questions for @meditationdave by one of our students @_aaronortiz we love good questions!⁠

Dave highlights the importance of living a meditative life and what that really means and how that affects the way we live.⁠

Purpose, Dharma, and Karma are some of the ruling factors in our lives regarding fulfillment and contentment.⁠

Listen in on how meditation helps us live fully and in truth!⁠

For more meditation insight from @meditationdave send in questions through to us here @the_yogi_lab and @meditationdave and we will be answering them weekly 🙏 ⁠


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