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Spiritual Hustler Podcast

Mar 21, 2021

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0:10 Are you still a monk?  Or living your life like a monk in the outside world?

2:50 How do I heal depression & Anxiety with meditation?

5:43 I feel I am releasing a lot of energy in my body during meditation, is this ok?



Vipassana Meditation can 100% solve anxiety and Depression. 🏅 ⁠

This practice is an ancient technology rooted in feeling sensations fully and practicing equanimity. That means feeling negative emotions and not being forced to react to them. 🙏 ⁠

Vipassana allows us to see everything for what it is.  By observing our thoughts and emotions clearly, for what they are, we can begin to have power over our emotions, rather than our emotions having power over us.⁠

This gives us the power to be happy, even when we don't feel happy. Because we know that everything we experience is just the world of sensations: arising, and passing away.⁠

We send our hearts out to anyone dealing with their own suffering.  Don't forget that there is a way out. Things will change. Things can get better.⁠

This practice is the way to take control.⁠

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