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Spiritual Hustler Podcast

May 10, 2021

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0:17 - Can meditation change a person's life?

5:46 - How to maintain your meditative state even when you're surrounded by toxic people?

10:10​ - Do you feel vibrating sensations during meditation?

11:39 - What's the difference between a monk lifestyle and an entrepreneur lifestyle?

14:36​ - The awareness of the mind and meditation Happy Monday everyone!!

We hope you have an amazing week ahead of you, one free of toxic people in your life.

Unfortunately, toxic people are a part of life, just like rainy winter days.

Luckily, just like a cold hard February day in the Arctic, we can prepare ourselves to deal with the discomfort.

We can become more skillful with our responses to negativity and toxicity in our lives, we can put on the right winter jacket (our warm and positive mental attitude) and even heat ourselves up internally (self-love!). And if it starts raining outside (people spewing negativity at us) we can simply just get an umbrella (a resilient mindset to let that negativity slide right off).

Who's ready to handle the winter and toxic people with more skill?

Use your meditation practice and the right mindset to prepare yourself for any mental or environmental climate.

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