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Spiritual Hustler Podcast

May 19, 2021

What do spirituality and business have to do with each other?


We asked @prestonsmiles and he dropped some wisdom on us. 🔥🔥🔥


Preston breaks things down on this episode of Spiritual Hustlers podcast that will make you reshape your perception of conscious business in the modern world.


Ready for an uplifting conversation that will inspire you to get your spiritual hustle on?


Check this episode out and let us know what you think!


3:16 – Spirituality in Business

5:25 – 1 Spiritual skill that made a big difference in Preston's business life & success

7:55 – Playing big and not playing small

20:30 – The impact of Preston's partner on his life

25:58 – The secret that allows flow of abundance to come into Preston's life

31:42 – The 5 principles that Preston follows

39:19 – Preston's mission and purpose

53:30 – 1 of the most heartbreaking thing that happened to Preston

59:16 – The Power of Perception


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