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Spiritual Hustler Podcast

Jul 12, 2021

How did Jesse Wynyard become a leader?


It often comes out of necessity.


In Jesse's case it came from rough beginnings, a tough neighborhood, and a good mom.


Jesse was born in the hood. Kelston, West Auckland in New Zealand and raised by a single mother who was a spiritual healer who passed on a lot of ancient wisdom, knowledge and gifts that he would use later in his life.


He overcame a lot of trauma and adversity from a young age from domestic violence, being abandoned by his father, running away from home, dropping out of high school, selling drugs, becoming a father himself at the age of 19 and losing his mother to cancer.


Jesses mission is to now awaken, empower and transform the culture and our people through teaching about the knowledge of self through his courses, events and music.


Jesse Wynyard Also Known by his artist name "IAMAEON" or "AEON" for short is a creative entrepreneur, transformation coach, business mentor, motivational speaker and Hip Hop Artist from Auckland New Zealand.


He is the CEO of his company "The Warriors of Light" which is a global movement and platform that provides high level coaching, courses, retreats and events around holistic health, human optimization, spiritual self Mastery, conscious business and entrepreneurship to a growing community of 20,000 people from around the world.


Check out this episode of Spiritual Hustlers Club to gain insight from a mystical conscious boss!


Bringing heart into the game, and making an impact.


02:12 - 10:13: Jesse's Journey

11:02 - 19:01: Catalyst healing moments and hard realities Jesse had to face

20:35 - 24:15: How Jesse became a Leader

25:07 - 30:04: What kind of Student Jesse was in school and what kind of student he needed to be to develop his business

32:13 - 40:24: How does Jesse adapt his message to speak to different types of people

42:15 - 46:53: How does Spiritual Practice helped Jesse in his Personal Life

48:05 - 53:09: The Power within ourselves

54:00 - 58:26: How do you start somebody off the Spiritual Path?

59:04 - 01:01:52: What's the 1 song that embodies Jesse as a person

01:04:40 - 01:07:48: What to expect from Jesse, his events & projects, social media.


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