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Spiritual Hustler Podcast

Jan 2, 2021

In this episode, Monty spoke to David Hans-Barker, an Entrepreneur & meditation expert. Some very profound wisdom from this conversation as David shared his story of having grown up in a poor, rough neighborhood in London, to almost becoming a monk meditating 6-18 hours a day, to making millions as an entrepreneur, to now sharing his mission of educating the world on meditation.

They went deep down some Rabbit Holes on spirituality, discipline, hustle, making money, and weaving spirituality with entrepreneurial success. 


What You Will Learn in This Episode

4:13 The Willingness To Be A Master

9:44 The Great Awakening

12:36 The Wound Is The Entrance For Spirit

17:45 The Power In Stillness

21:06 The Key To Happiness

23:53 Everyone Is Spiritual

29:03 Real Wealth

38:50 Can meditation Make You Rich?

46:50 Embracing The Mystical

1:07:14 The Power Of Meditation


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