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Spiritual Hustler Podcast

May 14, 2019

Abi and Dave discuss the unconscious agreements we make within ourselves which in turn limit who we get to be in this life.

Abi teaches yoga minus the bullshit. She has designed an online system of yoga Yoga 15 that is targeted, precise and systematic, to make the practice accessible to people who might otherwise be put off by the esoterica and mysticism of traditional yoga.

Her students include International footballer, Patrice Evra, The XX bass player, Oliver Sim, World Champ mountain biker, Loïc Bruni, Roxy pro surfer, Leila Riccobuano, NY Times bestselling author, Robert Greene, restaurateur, Seamus Mullen, and Tour de France cyclist, Dan Lloyd. Elite performers across a variety of sporting and creative fields who recognise the power of yoga to keep them ranked amongst the best in the world. Follow her on Instagram @yoga15abi for tips, inspiration and motivation.


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