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Spiritual Hustler Podcast

Jun 30, 2021

@AnthonyTrucks is a former Foster Child, NFL Football Player, Competitor on American Ninja Warrior, Author, Life Coach and Entrepreneur.⁠


From foster care to the NFL, to successful business owner, Anthony Trucks has accomplished what statistics would say is impossible.⁠


As a speaker and success coach, Anthony teaches people how to design and build better lives and businesses by learning how to access the power of their identity to tap into their full potential and Make Shift Happen!⁠


Hear his inspiring story on this episode of Spiritual Hustlers Podcast. ⁠


Available everywhere you listen to podcasts.⁠


1.10 - 7.19: Anthony's story on how he ended up being a successful entrepreneur

7.55 - 11.28: Pain threshold

11.59 - 16.04: Identity

16.50 - 23.16: Intentionality, how to get out of the darkness

24.08 - 26.59: Feeling not knowing enough, not having enough knowledge

27.36 - 30.04: Looking up to someone, but not idolize them

30.52 - 33.44: The mentality of not wanting to give other people credit

34.50 - 38.02: How to deal with Trauma

38.26 - 42.37: How to leave the hardship bubble

43.57 - 46.48: What does Spirituality mean to Anthony

47.35 - 50.07: How to navigate both doing the work and spirituality

51.16 - 54.44: Productivity Machine: How to be Productive

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