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Spiritual Hustler Podcast

Aug 6, 2021

Are you living a life that truly fulfills you?

Are you struggling, and want to build a life you really want?

Lukis is an artist, musician, and co-founder of "owakenbreathwork".

He travels the world helping people to release suppressed emotions, find freedom from trauma and strengthen their intuition to live a more guided and inspired life.

"lukismac" is originally from New Zealand and is now based in LA and has started sharing breathwork with stars like MeganFox, MachineGunKelly, AubreyMarcus, TravisBarker, KatVonD, JakePaul  LoganPaul, TeeGrizzley, BlacChyna, and more.

The journey from West Auckland to the Hollywood Hills has been a wild one, and Lukis has some mystical and fantastic stories to tell on this episode of Spiritual Hustlers Podcast hosted by "ink_pray_love".

Available everywhere you listen to podcasts.

02:45 - 09:15 - Lukis Origin Story

10:29 - 12:52 - Feeling things and ROI

13:24 - 15:01 - 3 Practical Tips to Permission to Heal

15:42 - 19:42 - Where to find the will to want to shift

21:49 - 28:16 - Practical tips to preserve our Energy

29:24 - 32:97 - Practical tips to access and affect our subconscious

32:44 - 35:34 - How does Breathwork let us access the subconscious

36:54 - 38:31 - Lukis's Manifestation, Hollywood 3

9:08 - 42:54 - How does Lukis feel about his experience, hollywood, journey, success

43:58 - 46:22 - Male being more open to showing their feelings, more vulnerable


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