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Spiritual Hustler Podcast

Jul 11, 2019

World Cup winning All Black Adam Thomson studied at Otago University, earning a BPhEd, and combined with 15 years of professional sporting experience this gives him world class expertise in sports management, leadership, and player welfare. Adam has played 10 years of Super Rugby, and spent 5 years playing at an international level for the New Zealand All Blacks. He is among only a handful of people to have won World Cup titles at every level - Under 19, Under 21, All Blacks 2011 and the World Sevens Series. 


In 2017, during a season in Japan, Adam suffered from a debilitating spinal infection that left him in hospital for 2 months. Unable to walk, he had to undergo intensive rehabilitation and faced a long road of recovery. He moved to Bali to embark on a more holistic approach to his health and wellness, before finally completing his goal of returning to the rugby field in 2019.


His time in Bali allowed Adam to develop a new mindset around wellness & mindfulness. Making a conscious effort to slow down, he set new boundaries around invested time and resources, and focused on physical and mental wellbeing.


Adam is now set on making the most of his restarted rugby career and growing his talent management company WeAreTENZING, using his personal experiences and life lessons to mentor and develop new talent and young rugby players. He aims to provide them with the tools to navigate a successful sporting career, finding purpose, and fostering potential to help them lead significant, fulfilled lives, on and off the sporting field.


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