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Spiritual Hustler Podcast

Oct 19, 2019

Aren and David are two Indian entrepreneurs raised on opposite sides of the world, who are deeply interested in personal power, and collective social change.

One was raised on the poverty-line in London, and chose to live the life of a monk, before leaving that behind and becoming a multi-millionaire. The other was raised in Vancouver, and got embroiled in the life of guns, drugs, and women that comes along with organized crime - then turned his back on that life, hustled hard, and opened three businesses in three years. The two might initially seem like an unlikely combination for a deep friendship. The gangster and the meditation teacher, the hustler and the monk. The lessons these two cultivated in very different schools of life have led them to the same place nonetheless.  International entrepreneurs, business partners, and best friends. We are here to talk about finding lessons through adversity, gold through pain, and the power of transformation.

Their businesses span across three continents and include projects in as diversified fields as education, property, meditation, and tattoos. Spirituality had a deeply profound effect on both their lives, so the latest project they’ve chosen to partner up on (YogiLab) is a platform to help other people access power and change in their lives, regardless of where they come from (

“We believe everyone should have access to the tools we have found that has changed our lives. We believe in leveling up as a lifestyle.
The experiences we went through have made us stronger and we are here to inspire and share that strength (and the methods to gain it) with the world” - HustlerMonk

Anything is possible.
From Gangster to Street Guru, Monk to Millionaire.

A list of their current projects include (but are not limited to):


Find us at :

Facebook: YogiLab
Instagram: The_Yogi_Lab